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Broadband and Phone Line bundle

Merula offers a choice of Broadband and Phone Lines combined packages to suit home and business internet users.


Our solutions are based on fair pricing and transparent service level agreements. We do not operate traffic shaping on our network - instead we focus on providing consistent internet service to our customers.

Our standard broadband and phone line packages are illustrated below.

Broadband and Phone - Standard user

Fast, reliable broadband

  • up to 8M or 24M download speeds
  • up to 1M upload speeds
  • 5GB Guideline usage
  • 65p per additional GB of usage
£30.00 per month

Fibre Premium and Phone

Fast, reliable broadband

  • up to 80M download speeds
  • up to 20M upload speeds
  • Unlimited Usage
£45 per month

Other options

We can build a phone line bundle with any of our broadband solutions. Please contact us to determine the best bundle to meet your needs.

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