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Broadband FAQ's

Being told you can’t receive DSL?

We can help.

We can resolve most line issues (we’re not afraid to question BT’s first answer) We know how to ask the right questions of BT’s engineers and have an excellent record of resolving line issues on behalf of our customers –approx. 80% of issues raised by Merula get solved. We can help you problem solve in-house issues that can often overcome slow or unstable lines ie. intermittent internet access.


We are not the cheapest in the marketplace – nor are we aiming to be. Why?

At Merula our aim is simple:- to provide a consistently high quality service at a fair price. 

Our long standing customers and testimonials are testament to the service we provide – once they find us, they stay with us - not because we tie them to lengthy contracts - but because we work hard to understand their needs and ensure that we continue to meet them cost effectively.


No traffic shaping

We can guarantee that if you are using our services – we will not be the broken link in your chain, We don’t operate any traffic shaping on our network. As a result, our customers enjoy a consistently faster broadband than our competitors who operate these practices can provide.


No hidden user limits

When comparing Merula to cheaper products we advise you study the ‘Acceptable User Policy’ on our competitors sites.


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